A New Song!

It’s pretty incredible how much can change in a year. 2016 brought hard disappointments in man and decisions, frustrations and anger that I had to work with God to get out of my heart. I breathed a sigh of relief in December because that season was finally over!  God began taking all that emotion an turning it into a force against the kingdom of darkness. My heart had shifted! I was coming into 2017 with vengeance to do damage to the enemies camp and my mind became laser focused.


2017 has been a year of incredible advancement, and harvest, smothered in an outpouring of joy! I  would constantly feel the Lord’s pleasure in an outpouring of His love.  What I sowed in countless tears began to reap abundant blessings into my life beyond what I would ever imagine. I Now was walking in a greater anointing an authority in Him. I could tangibly feel the difference.

I’m taking December to celebrate all that God has done, from plots to platforms!  (enemy’s plots to God’s platforms) From my first published book Beyond The Waters to a completely new direction for Boom Citywide Biblestudy! From smashing goals to financial gain. I was seriously transformed in my soul with a completely different mind set.


2018 I’m singing a New Song an I have a feeling it’s just starting 😉💕 #letsgo I’ll take anyone with me that’s wants to run!

My final response to all that’s happened an is happening...

Didn’t you know I would always be about my Father’s business 🤗💕 what was assigned to kill steal an destroy has become life and life more abundantly! Painful chapters produce abundant seasons. Never allow other’s free will decisions change the coarse God has set for your life. You are worth it and so am I 😉

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