The Cost of Going Higher!



Just finished 4 days of soaking at the Jesus17 movement πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ 

I wanted to remind all the hungry, all those going after God, all those wanting more, there is a cost, it will cost you your flesh. Β 

Making the Spirit man bigger and the flesh smaller is actually easier then you think. The cost and requirement summed up in a simple statement is simply spend time with Him.  Alone, uninterrupted time, with no phone or checking your text or social media. Without the tv on or background noise other then maybe some worship. No gettng up in the middle to do a load of laundry or whatever else seems to pop up in your mind that needs attending. Alone time means a set apart time that is not interrupted by the cares of life. 

The reason we got a room even though the conference was in orlando was for this very reason. To sit at His feet without tending to daily life. To take the cost of taking off almost a week of work to get an impartation. It was so worth it,  every moment and I left wanting more! 😭 More of Him, a different life, an even more set apart life, surrounded by the things of God in every crevice of my being. Β 

I’m still unpacking all that was deposited into my spirit. I feel like I went on a missions trip. Coming back not interested in social media, or even being around large crowds. Just wanting to be alone with Him! I was realigned! Set free from every distraction, every hinderance, and every offense that has gripped my heart. All I care about is the Kingdom and everything else took its rightful place in my heart, second. Β 

The love in my heart is rekindled and I will fight to keep it that way. It’s time to go higher and the time is now. I’m ready for the rest of my destiny to unfold! It is time!  Β 

Yes, separating yourself onto God will cost you time, maybe even money to get away from work, but the result is priceless, it maybe the very thing that will catapult you into deeper relationship. So go, go be with the lover of your soul! Nothing else this world has to offer can equal that place! May you be blessed and touched into your journey with the Father! πŸ™  Β 


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