Day 1 in Israel


Is this really happening! Yes I am here in this historical and spiritual place that every Christian dreams about coming too. My first thought, I am here on assignment. Why? Little ol me ? But it’s not only to learn about seeing first hand the Bible come alive but to pray an intercede for this great nation alongside other itercessors.

I am here with Billye Brim ministries  and I can’t contain how it feels to gleen from the one God has lead me to study under. This is purely by design and I am besides myself.

I am filled with awe and wonder! Just to learn the history over dinner of what’s going on outside of what the newspaper tells us is incredible in itself.. my eyes are open and ready! 

It is around 2am and as I lay In bed wide awake (because it’s 7 hours behind from home)  I just started to cry as I worship The King and strongly felt His Presence and His joy over me. It’s as if I feel Him smiling down on Agnes and I as we begin our tour of The mountains of Israel as Ezekiel calls it in chapter 36. (We study the word along the tour) That is our first assignment for the morning. Read chapter 36 an spend the day walking it out. Until next time..