It’s time to Align

I heard that in my spirit this morning! With all that is going on it’s real easy to get in your head and out of your heart. Don’t be lead by the latest emotion or scandal in the media. Don’t allow outside circumstances shack the core of who you are. Your bedrock, your foundation is in Christ an Christ alone. So if anything has caused you to shift to the right or shift to the left, Re-Align! To align means to arrange things so that they form a line or are in proper position! Proper postion! That highlights in my spirit even as I type this! Good question to ask yourself today, is my heart in proper position ? Is your heart clear enough to hear what the Spirit is saying? God is willing to speak more then we are willing to listen, position Yourself to hear. How? Make time with no distractions and Re-Align! God is waiting to tell u great things 🙌

Carrie Lucarini1 Comment