When a Dream Becomes a Reality


Sometimes you have to get outside of your head to get inside of the future God has for you. I want to encourage you to just do it! Step out and follow the promptings of God. It's His job to guide you along the journey. Hasn't He given us His Holy Spirit, our teacher and counselor!

When a few weeks of promptings by the Holy Spirit continued to muster, I then realize He did not want to be igonored and He was making sure I was hearing Him loud and clear. I want you to write a book. πŸ‘€ My response was simple, I don't know how to write a book,  but ok. It was at that moment I realized I was being given an assignment and I had a choice to make, either step out into the unknown or brush it off and pretend like maybe that wasn't God. Something I want to share with you that I learned along time ago, delayed obedience is still disobedience. I take very seriously the assignments I am given from God because I know that in completing them, another door will open for the future God has for me.  I told no one, and a week later I was given a prophesy from a minister that said, you are to write a book and that confirmation sealed the deal.  I began the journey to write my first book. About a year later, Beyond the Waters, 100 days of devotion was published.

There are many more details I will release at a later time, but just for today I wanted to remind you that if you say yes to the things God is asking you to do, it will unlock the other things God has lined up for your future. I had no idea what I was doing but God walked me through each step of the process and His grace was sufficient. Step out and trust God! Don't let someone else walk out your assignments. Everything you need is on the inside of you. 

Carrie LucariniComment