Carrie Lucarini

About The Book


Beyond The Waters

Have you ever wanted to go a little deeper in your devotional time with God? Does your heart long for more? This devotional book will ask you some thought-provoking questions that will stir your spirit to want to go beyond the place of surface Christianity, beyond the waters! This book will challenge you to come up higher and encourage you to rest assured that God will always be there for you in times of need. It will drown your fears and help you realize who you are in Christ. Our hearts are not content to stay in the shallow waters of Christianity, but to explore the deeper things of God. I consider this book a personal journey between you and the Father. I call it a fire-starter! It will set up some perimeters to get you started in your daily devotional time with God, which I believe will lead you into your own experiences and revelations. It will also give you some space to journal your thoughts and prayers. In Beyond the Waters, I share personal insights (or nuggets, as I call them), that God has given to me through various trials, how His word has inspired me and challenged me to come up higher. I believe it will do the same for you.  I wrote this book out of obedience, as the Lord put on my heart to share the things He has shown me. I pray that this devotional will take you into places God so yearns for you to go.